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Lucent Services is the Clear Choice for Quality Signage Solutions

From interior and directional signage to high wall and pole sign installations, Lucent Services is Western PA’s choice for quality sign installation and service. 

About Lucent Services

Established in 2013, Lucent Services brings over 20 years of experience in sign installation and services to Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and surrounding areas. Lucent Services has the experience and knowledge to expertly handle your next sign project. We have the most experience with repelling and restricted access installations in the area. Lucent Services also offers survey, permit, and variance services for sign projects. 

High Wall Signs

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Signage Installation

Lucent Services is your signage partner from concept through completion, offering permit, variance, and survey services to assist our clients. We not only provide our clients with expert sign installation and service, we stand apart with clear communication, attention to detail, and the highest standards in customer service. 

Signage Solutions


Lucent Services can repair, replace, and assist clients with our 20+ years of experience. Our experience in repelling and restricted access sign installation allow Lucent Services to provide specialized service for challenging installations.


"Over the past three years I have had the great fortune of developing a very distinct relationship with David Vandergraft and his company, Lucent Services. Through this relationship we have been able to establish a level os assistance that has aided my ability to provide an immeasurable amount of service to my customers. During this time they have completed numerous sight projects for Sign Vision in the Pennsylvania and Ohio region. I really cannot say enough about David’s professionalism and performance Based on the dependability I have found in Lucent Services, I highly recommend them for any product installation anywhere in their region."

"Seriously thanks for always being so nice and understanding and professional on my sites with the bank present. It goes a long way since you are representing us in the field and they are one of our biggest customers. I know it’s just how you do business, but it’s not common from all installers and I appreciate your efforts and the entire team’s effort. I always love hearing that the bank is happy to know your company will be on site since that means we are both doing a good job because they know they are in good hands. Just in case I don’t say it enough, I appreciate your partnership!"

"One of the best removals I have seen. Very neat, job well done, and professional. These guys are super! Very thorough."

"I truly feel fortunate I was able to hire Lucent Services. My company was given the opportunity for a unique project; we could handle the product but the location made for  a precarious install. David brought a calm demeanor and experienced approach. David met with me on site for inspection and event when back on his own, off business hours, for a more thorough analysis when guests weren’t in the building. Afterwards he was even able to offer product design recommendations as the proposed design product was simply too heavy to mount to the existing drywall. Lucent too was able to offer a ‘repel from above’ solution that nobody else would even consider. Their competition wanted me to supply scaffolding that I, to this day think may have failed us come install day. Come the installation date we encountered a manufacturing defect which delayed the install. Lucent’s flexibility was instrumental; they shifted their existing schedule to accommodate our project to get it completed as quickly as possible. This allowed our office to save face and keep our client happy. And when our client say the finished project the next morning they couldn’t stop smiling, which kept me smiling. The follow line is this was an atypical project for us and Lucent was extremely beneficial for their recommendations, services, flexibility, and project follow through. This will be my first call for future installs of similar nature and I would love to give them the business"